Friday, December 20, 2013

JTX 1000 Gold Dealer At Perak Motorsport Carnival

New  update for all Perak Guys

Tommorow 21st December 2013  JTX 1000 Top Dealer Syukran Helmi will be in Perak for GLAM Expansion activities for Perak Motorsport Carnival at Tesco Extra Ipoh

Feedback from Motorsport Guys is Overwhelming nowadays and more to come for JTX 1000 and JTX 1000 Gold.
Besides auto shows their will be a booth for JTX 1000 client for JTX 1000 friction test and JTX  1000 demo for the leading new engine oil technology
Green Leaders Academy Malaysia and Dynamic Leaders Group Motorsport Team

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Green Leaders Academy Malaysia and Dynamic Leaders Group Motorsport Team
JTX 1000 and JTX 1000 Gold Demo

syukran helmi

Sunday, December 8, 2013

JTX 1000 Gold Top Agent

 +60173781700. JTX 1000 Gold Engine Oil a new revolution of vehicle technology nowadays. An improve formula from the previous high performance product JTX 1000 Engine Oil. JTX 1000 comes with Best Price Promotion.

JTX 1000 and JTX 1000 Gold is a high performance. premium quality multi-grade motor oil deisgned to provide engine cleanliness and protection againt oxidation, wear, corrosion, deposit an sludge formationunder the most severe driving condition . It is developed for use in all types and makes of gasoline and diesel vehicles including those fitted with turbochargers and fuel injection systems. Iys modern formulation ensure great flexibility for mixed fleet operators.

 JTX 1000 GOLD 

Testimoni JTX 1000

                                  *Meningkatkan prestasi enjin                                 
    *Mengurangkan suhu semasa operasi enjin     
             *    Menjimatkan penggunaan minyak                     
     *Disyorkan untuk enjin petrol dan diesel  yang baik         
*Diperkaya dengan bahan tambahan EP/AW
*Mampu mencecah pemanduan sehingga
  *10,000km (dengan mengikuti saranan OEM) 
  *Anti-enapan, anti-karat dan anti-oksida  
 *Pemanduan lebih jauh           

Perbezaan JTX 1000 dan JTX 1000 Gold

·    Memberikan kuasa dan pretasi optimum dalam semua keadaan pemaduan walaupun dalam keadaan yang ekstrim
·         Di perkuatkan dengan EP/AW – Additive Extreme Pressure/Anti Wear
·         Memanjangkan jangka hayat enjin dengan mengurangkan kesan haus dan lusuh.
·         Memberikan perlingungan anti enapan, anti karat dan anti oksidasi yang lebih baik.
·     Pengubahsuai geseran yang lebih cekap untuk penjimatan minyak dan prestasi yang lebih baik.
·         Pelincir berkualiti tinggi yang menjadiakan enjin beroperasi secara senyap dan lancar.
·         Menepati ataupun melebihi API SN/CF.
·         ACEA A3/B4-10, MB p229.1 VW 501 01/505 00 – Untuk Enjin Diesel / Petrol

Untuk Enjin Diesel dan Petrol

JTX 1000 Testimoni & Demo

JTX 1000 Gold Harga Promosi
Jet Turbo Extreme
Jenama Lain
Harga Ahli/Pebekal
Harga Jualan

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Beauty Day With GLAM

A Beauty Day With GLAM

we will be having a collaboration between the company,
Green Leaders Academy Malaysia and Rizman Ruzaini
for this event

you will get a chance to know more about our

Premium Beautiful Classic
Premium Beautiful Elegance
Luminerz skin care
BB Plus Collagen
Bio Ever Cream

and u can even try and do the fitting at the event !!!
a great chances to mingle around and build relationship and networking also...!!

there will be a candy buffet, fashion show and products presentation....!! awesome..!!

 Details Of this Event
Date : 7hb December 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 2pm-6pm

Veneu : Hotel Vivatel, Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur

premium beautiful top agent from malaysia, brunei ,singapore, qatar, indonesia, australia & rest of the world

i would like to invite anyone of you who is interested to come
do contact us for more  details