Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Diamond Night 2013

Diamond Night 2013, Mines Convention Center 
Kuala Lumpur
It was in June after 5 days i came back from Mecca
Alhamdulillah it went well and a big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS
to all business partners who came all the way from all over Malaysia...!!
this year we celebrated almost 50 qualifiers from our team for Car Fund Qualifiers, Double Diamond Manager and Diamond Sales Manager.....the new generation of our leaders...Alhamdulillah...

 happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing 
and love what you are doing... 

If you are married to the persons who supports and wants you to be successful, you will have the success of both FAMILY and BUSINESS

Our team before the event start....!!!

Gentlemen of Bamboo King Zone

 Rynn Eshak Team...congrats everybody...!!

with next CDM in line, bakal CDM Rynn Eshak

with one of  committed leaders bakal CDM Wahida Ghazali

Congrats team Siti Norlina and Liyana Norma

All my JUNIOR PROTEGE that will rawk the stage next year insyaAllah....!!!

beramah mesra bersama semua rakan-rakan kongsi yang hadir

 Bakal CDM Naemah Wahab, our next CDM in line

with leaders under Naemah's team

 All the way from LABUAN team under DSM Izza Yusaini, 
tahniah semua seberang beribu batu untuk sama-sama hadir

All the way from Melaka team

 with bakal CDM Admie Shuhada

 with part of Hasanah Zulcefli team

the most exclusive award

It was me and my wife maisarah ibrahim last  Diamond Night

new generation of leaders from our team

 Congrats Azniza Arshad and Mimi Yusof

thank you and congrats to all of our team leader for the co-operation and special to business partners...keep it up...till we meet again and next Diamond Night surely kita pastikan lebih lagi pencapaian, peningkatan dan kepuasan insyaAllah with Green Leaders Academy Malaysia GLAM...!!

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